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Energy eBikes Reviews

Based on 524 reviews
Best ebike for the money!

I love my Starfish! It zips along, up hills with ease. Since I injured my knee, it makes being out enjoying nature possible again. Great company to work with. The bike is exactly as advertised.


Was looking for a bike that can handle sand and this one works preetty good.

Bikonit Warthog HD 750 All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike
Tony Hogberg

What a bike for the price! I was buying a Rad Rover, but then saw this. Better components by far, and rear drive power. After test riding them both this was a no brainer. Great bike for the money.

NAKTO Camel Electric Step-Thru Bike
Great value for ebike!!

Great bike for the price!!! Easy to ride and handle. Wanted a beach cruiser to and from lake and this is perfect. Only problem is my grandkids are constantly on it and I’m not. You won’t be sorry. Am waiting for a second battery just to have on hand, however it charges very quickly after drain. Go for it!!!

NAKTO Santa Monica Electric Cruiser Bike
Good motor

I can't say enough about the style this bike has. The motor can power you up hills easy and I'm not a skinny guy.

NAKTO Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike
Solid ride

After some difficulty with shipping I received my bike and it has been quite a fun ride . So far 180 miles and no major problems. Seems to be a solid bike for the price

Emojo Panther Pro Step Through Electric Bike
Denzel Johnston

I needed this for my bad back, my mountain bike was killing me hunching over amazing ride. Speed is a 10+!! Comfort a 8-9+, and price was reasonable. Overall it is great, thanks Jason for the advice.

Foldable and quick too!

Easy to order and put together. Rides great! Thanks Energy eBikes

NAKTO Fashion Folding Electric Bike
Nakto Fashion

This bike is very well made and easily carries 240 lbs. I'd buy another one.

Great Bike at a Great Price

Bought one and loved it so much we put in an order for another one!

NAKTO Strollor Step-Thru Electric Bike
Satcy K
Great Ride

Nice and comfortable ride. I'm satisfied.

NAKTO Mini Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike
Fast kids bike

Fast kids bikeGreat bike for my 9 year old. The motor has a lot of acceleration power. We’ve gone on 3 rides over 10 miles in the last month and he’s never used more than 25% battery power. My only complaint is there are no pre-drilled holes for a bottle cage. The tubes on the bike frame are extra large.The assembly was simple and took 45 minutes. The bike came with all the necessary tools.We’ received a lot of compliments on the bike. The fat tires work great on dirt trails.If I raise the seat to the top position, the bike will accommodate a 6’2” 205lb adult, albeit not comfortably for long rides.

Emojo Caddy Pro Fat Tire 500W 48V Electric Tricycle
Lilianna Braun
Your First Ride - WOW !

NASA would do well to consider Emojo for the construction of the next USA Mars vehicles. The Caddy framework is very well designed, smooth craftsmanship and being white, already looks "space age". David Hu, Founder and President of Newmark Sports has been on the phone with me several times to help work-out some questions I had. The Emojo "Caddy" is a very popular trike. You'll have fun being part of the construction crew. Then your first ride will blow you away - the torque of the motor is amazing ! Be safe, you will have fun.

The Rambo Bushwacker 2.0
Robert M.
Game Changer

I bought the Bushwacker for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It’s a solid built bike! I was a little worried about it only being 3 speeds but they are geared far enough apart where it’s hardly noticeable. The power of the 750 is outstanding and overall it’s been a game changer for us to ride together now that she can keep up with my Rebel. We can’t wait for this fall and deer hunting with them!

NAKTO Camel Electric Step-Thru Bike
I love it.

I love this bike. I wish the battery lasted longer and it went a little faster but for the price it's awesome. I've had it a few months now and I ride it to and from work almost every day. Averages 15 to 20 mph when using pedal assist. Only 6 gears but it does the job. I like the basket, it's pretty solid, but the headlight isn't very bright, will be replacing that. The helmet and bike lock are good quality and the back has a spot for storage but I added a pannier for even more storage. I've recommended this bike to everyone.

Emojo Ram Sport Foldable 750w Electric Bike
Yolanda Rodriguez
emojo electric assisted ss750 e bike

I purchased the SS750 RAM, I paid almost $2,000 for it. Bedides the orange color, it could have g one at least 20-25 mph, and finding innertubes for it is a bit of a hassle but all in all its a good bike, I take it with me every where I go and it will make a handy addition when I get my car in a few days, should I run out of gas ill just pull this baby out of the trunk and off I go or if I wanna do some ventureing around im good to go. I love this bike just could have gone a bit faster once it goes full speed it feels like I'm going to slow.

Amazing Bike!

Had to take for a test run. Way better than I expected. If you looking for an ebike, this is the route to go. Thank you Energy Ebikes!

NAKTO Strollor Step-Thru Electric Bike
Dan Egeer
Motor is powerful

The bike is cheap so I didn't excpect a lot, but it's better then I thought.

Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 Foldable Electric Bike
Tamela Peppard
Nice motor

Super powerful little bike. Thank you

Even better than expected!

It's an awesome, good looking fat tire e-bike. Handles very well and has an impressive amount of torque! I was concerned about front shocks but the 4" tires provide enough cushion for a nice stable ride. Perfect for me in the city and not heavy at all ( considering its size) to get it up to my 3rd floor apartment. Pocket rocket for sure!

Emojo Caddy Pro Fat Tire 500W 48V Electric Tricycle
Norma W
Money well spent

This has to be the best trike on the market. It arrived in about a week and assembly was about an hour. I love to ride around on this thing. Good buy for me.

genZe e101 Sport 350w Electric Bike
Nice ebike for the price

An affordable ebike that doesn't feel cheap. I'll be keeping this bike as long as I can

Too much fun...

Too much fun...... at first I thought maybe overkill until I found myself in really rough steep terrain.
I’m an intermediate rider at best and bike performed like a champ..... all wheel drive with front going too got me up some nasty spots.... going down wished I had front suspension.... will order that soon......
only drawback so far is range.... bike is heavy, 250w alone strains, 350w alone okay... both- nice but draws a lot of power..... wish they upped the amphours on battery....may have to get that too...
Too much fun.... and a head turner around town.

The Rambo Nomad 750 XPC11 Electric Hunting Bike
Keith Lageman
Love this bike

Absolutley love this bike. I have this and the 750 G3, both are amazing but the suspension on this one takes the cake. Outstanding performance, great reliability, built with high quality materials and amazing customer service makes me a repeat Rambo customer.

Great bike

Ordered 2 bikes, one for my wife and one for me. We have a blast riding around town. Very cool design. People always want to know where we got our bikes.


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